Let Us Not Linger

Let Us Not Linger
Let Us Not Linger

I can’t be all yours
Lone wolf I must be
You can now go explore
C’est la vie

I’m in no hurry
To let my heart thaw
So don’t worry
Je pense à toi

I shall be no stranger
No sense in feeling blue
Let us not linger
Bisou, bisou, bisou

Written by Shazmin Hussein XO

Let Us Not Linger

Let Us Not Linger

Clothing: Forever 21

Photos by: Christina Lazar Schuler

Back to Land, Feet to Ground

SHAZMIN - FLORA 283, Fashion poetry

Back to Land, Feet to Ground

Sifting through the sand
Wondering, did my light leave land?
Second nature has over come
Give pause to nothing, not even on demand

Fuel nearly empty
Halt of mess is coming about
Keep going is what I’ve been told
Realistically, chewed up and spat back out

Escape the quick sand of the life grind
To reach the waves that crash with grace
Sinking under the vast liquid blue
Finally, I can hear my empty space

Desperate for intelligence
Into hopes of hearing something true
Back to land, feet to ground
Waves keep going, as peace brews

Written by Shazmin Hussein XO

SHAZMIN - FLORA 341 Fashion poetry

SHAZMIN - FLORA 4044, Fashion Poetry

Dress: Armani Exchange
Watch: D&G
Hat: Diesel
Beach Cardigan Cover Up: Armani Exchange
Bikini: Victoria Secret

Photos by Alex Barredo

Heart Defends Yes Do This


Heart Defends Yes Do This

Late night endless conversations
Parallel with each others lives
Kept precious
That quivers between my thighs

Keep love with the flow
Soul is on the line
Leap of faith here I go
Fear is far left behind

Call it channelling the big dream
Self assured as I smile alone
Dismantling the armour, as I come home
Where the crown sits above of the throne

Everyone shouts doubt
To the pound of my solar plexus
Everyone I ignore
The heart defends, yes do this

Written by Shazmin Hussein XO



Photos by Fred Fraser
Hair, Makeup and styling by Liz Dungate

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